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  1. Ionut says:

    De la ultimul post despre Anglia s-au rezolvat chestii nasoale gen deficitul, social care, romanii si bulgarii care fura joburile, plus pregatitul pt un eventual razboi si a ramas singura chestie nerezolvata daca sa faca un tren rapid sau nu?

    E semn ca esti in tara care trebuie.

  2. Field Chester says:

    @ Manowar

    Done. Nu rade prea tare. E scris in graba si pana de inspiratie.

    “HELL->o there dear autistic looking granny.

    Regarding the HS2 affair,just want to let you know that your political opinions equal those of an anti-progressive dinosaur with the face of an electrocuted cocker spaniel.

    Nobody gives a shit about your opinions about the E.U,mainly because you live in a village,and as such,any opinion you might have is idiotic and irrelevant, you fugly brainwashed monkey.

    You should stop using the contributors money for printing useless leaflets that people throw in their bins while laughing hysterically at your “not even a mother could love” pittyful excuse for a face.

    Go hide in a basement somewhere you inept peasant.

    P.S : if my dog had your face,i’d shave his rear end and teach him how to walk backwards.”


  3. andrea says:

    Doamne, nici macar nu au domeniu de ala ukip.com, CE RATATI.

  4. Manowar says:

    @Field Chester: sarut mana. Daca macar 10% din aia care dau pe-aici cu like/follow face la fel, eu unul voi fi fericit.

  5. RammsteinA says:

    Stiu ca nu are nicio legatura, dar uitati-va la asta ca sa va tavaliti de ras…sigur mai stiti si alte parodieri.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEeq4PjL6Mhttps

  6. Field Chester says:

    @ Manowar

    No problem. Anytime. It’s the least we can do la cat ne distrezi pe aici.
    Seara buna.


  7. super_fotbal says:

    Mie mi-a venit un pliant cu una de zici ca e Udrea…

  8. Cu cea mai mare placere.

  9. Lathspell says:

    Lol vrea Australian-style borders. Boul probabil habar nu are habar cum a fost populata Australia…

  10. Liviu T. says:

    Al meu zici ca are un dildau in cur:

  11. Manowar says:

    @Lathspell: nu e o problema de “dar e tampit”. Bineinteles ca-i tampit. Candideaza ca extremist anti-emigrare in niste zone care gem de emigranti – la modul ala de auzi mai multa poloneza pe strada decat engleza.

    Dar nu-i asta problema. Problema e ca rog frumos lumea sa-i trimita niste muie cu camionul. Cum poate fiecare. Asa ca daca se-ntampla sa ai 5 minute…

  12. Lathspell says:

    I’m already on it, doar remarcam ironia in toata treaba asta.

  13. Lathspell says:

    “As pretty much anyone with an IQ over 15 already knows, UKIP is a very useful way of rounding up all the village idiots and making them known to the world. But you see, we all already know this, therefore you don’t need to spend thousands of our pounds to spread awareness about how prominent of an idiot you are, because we already know! It’s lovely that retards such as yourself have opinions on complex geopolitical matters, but surely you don’t expect to be taken seriously?! I wonder if YOU would pass that points-based immigration system. I sincerely doubt it. ”

    Stiu ca duce lipsa in departamentul de muie explicita, but I’m not verbally violent. Probabil as fi reusit cel mult un “assbutt”.

  14. Manowar says:

    Well, nu conteaza, macar i-ai spus si tu cat de imbecil este. Tot e ceva.

  15. Omu negru says:

    Done! 🙂

  16. Ionut says:

    I don’t want to be rude but, really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.

    Mereu mi-am dorit sa scriu asta unui politician, dar in romana nu suna deloc bine si la engleza lui Constantinescu, nu cred ca intelegea ceva. Nu stiu de ce tocmai lui voiam sa-i scriu asta.

  17. Patrick says:

    lol! Se rezolva maine de la birou, dupa cafeaua de dimineata. You know the drill… dimineata canta cucu..

  18. Bogdan Buza says:

    rezolvat cu textu’ lu Field Chester(ca mi-a fost lene sa gndesc/traduc), de pe 7 mailuri diferite 😉
    sa fi sanaros.

  19. SagittariuS says:

    Şi-acum ce facem, dăm C/P şi aici să ne amuzăm sau o ardem aiurea? Hai, fie.

    ’mornin’, fag.

    Let me get this straight: you’re opposed to the HS2 project, a project of infrastructure development and which will create some hundreds (maybe thousands) of new workplaces, yet you live in Harefield and work as a surveyor in London? Well, ex-constable slash boxing assistant coach, the fact that you’re opposing this HS2 project will certainly bear some weight when it comes time for the political decidents to take a decision.

    So, you’re passionate about an EU referendum about what, exactly? I’d suggest we make it one about kicking your royalty-kissing asses out of the EU or maybe, just maybe, about introducing eugenics laws? Judging by your face I’d say you don’t stand a chance of survival if eugenics will become the standard in the EU.

    By the way, moron, when will your british-born ass will learn to fucking spell properly in your native tongue?! It’s “the UKIP IS the only party”, not “the UKIP ARE the only party”. You fucktard, I bet you’re not capable of writing “you’re” and “your” properly. Doesn’t surprise me a bit since you were once a police officer (my bad, constable, that’s how you morons describe it) and most certainly you possess a sub-standard IQ, below a tree’s IQ and above a cigar’s one.

    Oh, so you’re proud of being a part of UKIP? That same UKIP that opposes romanians and bulgarians coming over to work in UK (while your own lazy asses are living on fucking social benefits gathered from whom? Exactly, from the Romanians and Bulgarians and Polish and other working and tax-paying ethnic groups, you fucked up chimp) yet doesn’t have a single problem offering social benefits to your own retarded citizens? Tell me more, tell me more. Do tell what the UKIP’s positive impact on politics in the UK is, you’ve made me curious.

    Control your borders, you say? How about controlling your domestic problems first, moron? How about controlling what category of your own citizens receives social benefits. I’ll tell you (and bear in mind I’m not even close to your country): most of them are adults who are able to work yet don’t want to do it. And then, when there are so many job opportunities in your country and there are foreigners coming over to work and pay taxes, you’re the ones whining and complaining about like a 3 YO toddler when her candy’s out. Fuck off.

    Invest in 3 billion quids in the NHS, you say? Now, where the fuck are you going to get those 3 billion pounds from? If you’re taking them from social benefits you’re giving away for free to those incompetent, alcoholic, lazy and sub-standard citizens of yours then I’m all for it. If you’re taking them from infrastructure-developing project then you can easily go ahead and suck your own cock, I don’t mind. Suck your wife’s cock too if you’re at it, I don’t think a cunt-bearing woman would marry a guy having your face, no matter what you’re giving her in return.

    Heh. Spend here and not abroad, you say? Fucktard, how about those spent funds abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan? How about those funds you spend abroad extracting oil from other countries’ natural deposits? You’re complaining about your country’s EU membership? Who the fuck made you join it anyway, moron?

    I’ll tell you how we can change the future together: by not sending shitty stuff to people who don’t give even a shadow of a flying fuck about you and your wishful thinking. That’s a first step, you virgin-face having one.

    In case you were wondering who sent you this message, I’m a romanian living in a city from Romania. And I’d like to share some wishful thinking of my own to you, my fellow EU citizen. In case you don’t understand it, I suggest you find some Romanian guy working over there, I’m sure he’ll help you with the translation. There you go: să-mi sugi pula şi nevastă-ta aia beţivă să se uite iar copii tăi să filmeze ca să aveţi amintiri la bătrâneţe.

    P.S. There’s an aproximate translation for it: may you suck my cock, with your alcoholic wife watching it and your children recording it on camera, for you guys to have nice memories in your old age.

  20. iondelaraion says:

    Cam atat ma pricep eu:

    Hail Hydra!

    Dear Mister My Friend?

    Did your mother tried an abortion and did not succeed? In this case I truly understand why you support NHS so much!

    Did you try to join the Comedy club? They kicked you out? oh my! So this is the reason you joined UKIP.

    Did you try to live in a big city? What? You got lost between two bus stations? Sorry for you: better to live in a small village!

    Do you have some idea how muck UK is exporting to EU daily? No? It’s ok! Keep barking about how bad is EU for you!

    UKIP needs you! You are the MAN! (Keep repeating that until your Gargoyle wife let’s you go out to drink a beer with all your retarded friends)!

  21. Robert says:

    Ma duc la un dus ca put de la fotbal si ii trimis.


  22. Robert says:

    Ma duc la un dus ca put de la fotbal si ii trimit.


  23. Cypress says:

    Hi Gerard

    I am Gipsy currently looking for employment in your area. I was told by a relative that I could bring my family and you could give me job, yes? I come and you give me job and I blast manele music at 5 in the morning for you yes? You give me job, I vote for you. I ask my wives to vote for you. My children help you raise great British wall for UKIP. You help me come there and I not put great Gipsy spell on you ok?

  24. Robert says:


    Incercati sa ii bagati la subject ceva care sa il faca sa se simta bine, sa deschida emailul.

    Ceva gen “Why I believe in you.”

  25. RuneJaguar says:

    Eu o sa trimit, cel mai probabil ceva asemanator cu cea a lui Cypress pentru ca e prea amuzanta. Dar nu inteleg o chestie, si prin ,,nu inteleg” vreau sa spun ca nu stiu prea multe despre UKIP, doar ca aveam impresia ca-s baietii aia care vor afara din UE (Uniunea tradatorilor aschilambici) si vor o regularizare a migratiei (adica, tu, Manowar, muncitor in IT, da, ai voie, dar, tu, Omar, asistat social cu suficient de multi copii pentru o echipa de fotbal american, nu, nu ai voie)

  26. Deria says:

    Eu l-am cautat pe tip dupa nume si am gasit un mesaj de-al lui aici: http://www.ukiphillingdon.com/?p=20171

    Ceea ce mi-a placut maxim e poza aia mare de sus. Adica, border control, frate, da’ ia uitati-va la jambatii astia din poza, ce British pur sange sunt…

  27. groovee says:

    Usercode: GKVE7XHG
    email: munsterbarry@gmail.com
    pass: muieukip0

  28. ady says:

    @Manowar. I-am trimis niste vorbe dulci (“din dragoste bre”)

  29. chris06 says:

    Dear mr. Gerard Barry

    I just want to let you now that you are an asshole.You are trying to control your borders,but you keep asking people to come and work in UK.Not to mention the tourist which are spending a great deal of money and helps pay your salary.
    About NHS,I just don’t give a shit,your “free” medical services are a big joke.

    Sincerely yours
    A romanian tourist

  30. bubalus says:

    ca tot sunt venit dupa cateva sticle de vin… i-am trimis si eu cateva ganduri…:)

    Dear Gerard,
    I have to drop you a few lines since you are the first politician that speaks my language.
    I totally agree with you when saying the NHS should be extra funded with 3 billion each year because considering the poor medical care I received couple of days ago it is obvious the NHS is under-financed.
    Should you and your party stop all major investments like HS2 and use that money to fund NHS and raise all benefits and scrap all taxes I totally support you. We, poor people, deserve it.
    In regards to border control I have the same opinion. UK should close its borders and stop letting immigrants in. There are so many British citizens that could fill in the positions but they are not encouraged to do so. You and you party should promote a law similar like in Belarus where recently the unemployment has been banned. In addition all the British citizens working abroad should be brought back into UK and working abroad should be forbidden. Only with proud British citizens we can rise again and become the proud Empire we used to be.

    In the end I have a small request to you and your staff. I would really appreciate if you could get a better quality paper for those flyers. You see, I collected a dozen of your flyers in order to use them for whipping my ass when shitting since I’m so poor and can’t afford any regular toilet paper. It turned to be very stiff paper that injured my butt hole therefore I had to seek for specialized medical care in the public system. Man, I’m telling you, NHS is such a shame…

    Wish you to win the elections and become that rich so you can afford plastic surgery and do something with that monkey face you have. Should you be able to save some more money I would also recommend a brain lobotomy. People that stupid like you should voluntarily donate at least half of their brains for research scope.

    Fuck you moron!

  31. syl88 says:

    Bun de atasat unui mesaj pe masura.

  32. mike says:

    My dear,
    I am so glad to see that gypsies now have equal rights in Britain. I look at your picture and I realise that if a gypsy like you can manage in UK, me and my relatives can do it also.
    Please help me come to UK and I will help you agains immigrants! I can come with 40 more people (sisters, brothers, children), so you will have 40 votes from the start.
    We also hate immigrants and foreigners in the UK! We don’t want welfare because we can manage better (heheh, you know what I mean, you look just like me when I was 12).
    Together we can be strong my brother!
    With love,
    Giani de la Zdrastr

  33. ametistul says:


    Muie Steaua

  34. Marcel says:

    Scurt ca plec la job:

    You’re an imbecile.
    I got to your moronic articles about border closing while browsing the Web.
    Without any respect, you anti-progress cunt.

  35. RV says:

    Dear Barry,

    Thank you for your kind expenditure of British tax-payer money. If it wasn’t tax payer money, I will still thank you for spending it on something useful instead of using it to get laid for the very first time. Thanks to you and your ads I realized that my life is not what it’s supposed to be: I’m studying for some bullshit degree instead of studying fucking darwinism.

    You might ask yourself why I should study the theory of evolution instead of Logistics.
    Well, you see, at this point I believe that fucking each of your ancestors, starting from the fucking monkey until Windows 8 is a lot more important than optimizing flows of goods and implementing just-in-time processes.

    Yours sincerely,
    A UKIP voter

  36. darthedd77 says:

    frumos ar fi fost sa fie acelasi mail trimis de toata lumea. spam ca la carte. si sa se termine cu “i love you benefit”

  37. angajatul says:


  38. namespoof says:

    Done. De pe mai multe adrese.

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