Freda Walker’s murder and a few questions

It looks like another Romanian killed another British woman. The victim’s name was Freda Walker. Her husband (Kenneth Walker) survived, but he’s apparently in critical condition in the hospital.

The article can be read here. Now I know what you’re going to say “meh, it’s the Daily Mail, that’s a fucking tabloid”. Correct. However, I’d like to remind you of that one scene from Men in Black.

He’s not wrong, is he?

Anyway, we’ve got this chav. They say his name is Vasile Culea; I’ll just steal some of his pictures before his profile gets deleted.

In case you can’t tell, he’s the typical Romanian peasant/chav who somehow managed to get to the UK.

You know the type: living in shared accommodation with who knows how many other immigrants; he probably spent £20 (adjusted for inflation) on his attire – including the shoes; he’s got a random job, usually involving lifting and carrying things between point A and point B; he’s got a shitty car that somehow passed MOT – albeit with 20 warnings; the car was probably made in 2004 and it has seen just over 200,000 miles; he doesn’t speak English – other than being able to mumble “vork pleaze”. You may think that’s mean, but…

…this guy needed a fucking translator to answer simple questions like “What’s your name? Where do you live? When were you born?”.

He broke into the house for whatever reason – something to do with stealing some shit, I imagine. He killed the woman and, well, I guess he must’ve hurt the man, since he’s in critical condition. If you ask me, the man looked in critical condition prior to the attack anyway.

Let’s get to the good stuff:

It was last Saturday morning that a concerned neighbour found the bodies of Freda, said to be a pillar of the local community in Langwith Junction in Derbyshire, and Ken, a current Shirebrook Town councillor, in their semi-detached home.

Locals say they believed he worked at the vast Sports Direct plant in Shirebrook, known locally as The Gulag due to its history of poor working conditions and high numbers of Eastern European staff.

Tynniel Lee, 31, a housekeeper, who witnessed his arrest from her bedroom window, said Culea, ‘kept himself to himself’, since moving in with another Romanian family about two years ago.

I thought this picture was great – we’ll get to it in a minute.

‘They put him in one of the vans and they also took away his silver coloured Audi.

The other four people in the house drove away in their cars and the police fixed the door back on. It all took about 45 minutes.’

She said the householders who were all Romanian had moved into the end of terrace property about three years ago.

‘A middle aged couple moved in originally and then their son came to join them with his girlfriend. She then had a baby,’ she said.

His Facebook profile records him as living in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and being known as Vasy. It appears he was last in his home town of Oltenita, which sits on the banks of the River Danube, in 2015.

You know…I’ve got questions. Seriously, I do. I’d like to see a reporter interviewing the various parties involved in this shit. Let’s start with the husband, assuming he ever wakes up.

– Councillor, what’s your take on the fact that a well-known workplace in your area is called “The Gulag” – right here, in the UK, the 6th or 7th richest country in the world? Is this what you might call an inside joke or…?

– Councillor, do you think the criminal’s mental health was in any way affected by living the life of a loser, being stuck sharing a house with 5 other people in his mid-30s, especially when he was also working in a place called “The Gulag”? What could he possibly have thought when he walked down the street, when he saw your home?

– Councillor, do you think it’s alright to have a full-time job and to still have to share a house with 5 other people, even in this shithole? I mean, we’re talking about Shirebrook here, not fucking Kensington, right? What should a house cost here? Something like a tuna sandwich, right? Does it have to be fresh?

– Councillor, do you think your actions and inaction somehow led to the death of your wife? What about other deaths?

– Councillor, did you ever bring this up with the council? As in, you know, social housing – since council tax keeps going up. Did you ever have a conversation with the owner of The Gulag? Did you ever try to convince him to offer better working conditions or to pay a living wage? Did you ever attempt to attract any sort of investor to your area, in order to improve the lives of the people around you or did you settle for the odd photo of you cutting a ribbon? Did you ever wonder whether you’re doing the best you could possibly do for the people you’re supposed to “represent”?

– Councillor, six people (five adults and a child) lived in that house; were they registered as such? 100%? Did they pay council tax? Did the landlord have a proper contract? Was it a proper HMO? Was the minimum bedroom size for HMO properties respected there? Was the property ever inspected by the council?

– Councillor, when did you marry your wife? Was it before or after you were 33? Did the two of you also share a house with four other people? Were you ever unable to wake up for work because an infant woke you up in the middle of the night? Did you raise any children there? If the answer to these questions is “no”, do you think it’s alright for young people today to have to go through that?

– Councillor, you’re 88 and STILL working. Do you think you should be doing that? When one thinks “88”, one gets these weird images in one’s head: dementia, adult nappies etc. Should someone in his late 80s still occupy that position? Is someone in his late 80s even aware of the issues faced by the people around him? I’m just asking because people half your age don’t even know what youngsters need or want. Do you? Do you think it’s one of the reasons for which more and more young people feel the way they feel about politics?

That reporter could then ask Mr Culea a few questions.

– Mr Culea, do you think it’s a good idea to move to another country even though you can’t speak the language? What kind of job did you expect to get when you couldn’t even tell a potential employer your date of birth unless a translator was present? How did you expect to be treated at work, seeing how you were unable to communicate with colleagues and managers? Would you have been able to get a job offer from another company if this one went south? How was that going to happen?

– Mr Culea, you’ve got a facebook profile; as such, you were clearly able to access the internet. There are online courses everywhere – some of them don’t cost a thing. There are certifications you can obtain for £30-200 – CSCS, CITB, whatever. Obtaining those could have opened certain doors for you. This could’ve meant a better job, better pay, a better life. Did you ever make any sort of effort in that regard? What about English? You lived in Romania – a country plagued by English; American films, American music, American corporations are everywhere. Literally everyone there grew up with Cartoon Network, MTV etc, so learning English shouldn’t have been difficult. Why do you still need a translator just to tell people your date of birth? What does that say about you?

– Mr Culea, isn’t it horrible to share a lousy house with five other people – including an infant? I mean, you can’t even get on with it when you fancy a wank, can you? Doesn’t it just fucking suck to have to wait for half an hour just to use the bathroom? What in the name of Holy Satan were you doing there?

– Mr Culea, wouldn’t you have been better off in Romania? Granted, it’s a shithole, but had you been willing to make the same sacrifices there (such as sharing a house with five other people), you would’ve been alright there, right? You would’ve been able to save enough to buy your own shack or tent or whatever the fuck you people use in Oltenita, right?

– Mr Culea, we know that some of the online courses can be quite difficult, but there are loads of decent paid courses out there that could’ve helped you. If you could afford this fucking Audi, you could afford some of those, couldn’t you? Why did you buy the car? Was it to take pictures of the fucking thing in a vain attempt to impress your old mates from Oltenita? Was that more important than improving your miserable life?

– Mr Culea, are you aware of the fact that barely anyone uses cash in the UK? Are you aware of the fact that just about everyone uses bank accounts, credit/debit cards, google/apple pay, even fucking crypto, anything BUT cash? If so, what were you hoping to steal when you broke into the house? Did you think they were sitting on a metric ton of gold, but CHOSE to live in Shirebrook? Would you have lived here if you had a metric ton of gold?

– Mr Culea, what are you going to do with your life? While jail is clearly an upgrade for you – fewer people around you, more personal space, free meals, no more shitty work for a few years – what are you going to do when you get out? You must realise that your “career” in the UK is over and you clearly didn’t want to live in Romania since you’re here now. What are your plans for the future, now that honest work can be ruled out? Jail in Germany? Jail in France? Spain, perhaps?

It would be great if that reporter could also interview the authorities. I feel like some of the questions below might lead to interesting answers.

– What was Mr Culea doing in the UK? He couldn’t have been a British citizen – he would’ve had to pass a number of tests (History, Geography, English etc) and the man doesn’t speak English. Brexit is a done deal, so was he settled here? Pre-settled? How? You need to show up for an interview in order to obtain a National Insurance Number, how did Mr Culea get one? Did he actually have one? He must have had one, he had a job. How? Are the current regulations fit for purpose?

– What did you do about Sports Direct? I mean, it’s called The Gulag, right? It’s not the first time this comes up, guys, right?

– How did Mr Ashley make billions while his employees weren’t even getting the minimum wage? Is it alright for him to withhold a worker’s wage for being one minute late? Would you say that it’s OK for a woman to give birth in a toilet at work? Did any NGO contact you about this or were they too busy posting retarded shit – like something about feeling oppressed by “manspreading” and “mansplaining” – on Instagram/Twitter?

– Would you say that it’s OK for a businessman to have enough money to waste it on stupid shit – like some bullshit football team nobody cares about – while his employees can’t even rent a house? Do you believe there might be consequences for this kind of shit somewhere down the road?

– Is anyone looking into how Mr Culea was able to get a job? Whether he was a permanent employee or a “contractor” (bullshit), he still would’ve had to sign a contract and who knows how many other things; I mean, you can’t even start scrubbing toilets at the local pub until you’ve signed a bunch of nonsense – like anti-bribery legislation, policies regarding discrimination, harassment etc. Surely someone in HR would’ve noticed that Mr Culea couldn’t speak English. Are the people responsible for this going to be investigated?

– The UK is full of people like Mr Culea – no life, no partner, no money, no future. Do you expect them to simply accept their fates and not break the law? If the roles were reversed, how long would it take you to start considering other options – like theft, murder etc? Are you doing anything in this regard?

Ideally, the reporter would also ask the neighbours one question:

– Ladies and gentlemen, you must have spent at least £100 on flowers – I can count 20 bouquets there and even ASDA charges £5 for one. They’re nothing more than weeds that are going to die in a couple of days at best; you’ll find them in a bin soon enough. Freda Walker doesn’t give a shit about flowers – seeing how she’s dead and all. If you were going to throw your money away, do you think it would’ve been better to just give that guy £100 every now and then? Something like “hey, mate, your life looks shitty, but here, this should cover a couple of blowjobs”. Do you think it may have changed things?

No? Oh, alright. Well, just make sure to lock the door tonight. Nah, chill, it’s a joke. It’s pointless to lock it, even a starving Somali kid could kick it down. Sleep tight.

Daca ai chef sa-mi dai o cafea, o poti face aici

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